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Trip 3 with Bernice

24-27 April 2018

In 2018 Bernice Notenboom has again organized a trip to Spitsbergen. This time the boat is filled with directors of banks and investment funds, to discuss financial problems with shifting to a sustainable economy.
A new logo has been created for this expedition. The C of Celsius has been changed into a EURO sign. Prior to this trip some group members have already met several times under the leadership of Anita de Horde. There is a clear plan and on board 11 hours is spent on discussions to really achieve results. Again, the motivation from the group, the environment and the telephone and internet being closed have a positive effect.

Photo: Maarten Loonen

At the end of the trip, there are concrete plans to expand green investments and help homeowners with sustainability. Tuesday 8 May on national television the first results are presented.

Click on the picture above to go to the webpage where you can view the television show (in Dutch).

A short movie about the trip made by Paul Span van Oblivion

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