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marking puppies

29 July 2009 20:00

first, we recatch an adult, Simon born here in 2008 trapped
The first catch is an adult fox: Simon (blue/green). Simon was born in this den in 2008 and has stayed with his mother. We don't know if he is the father of the pups. Simon is released after weighing and replacing his tag with a new one.

Directly after this, we catch the smallest of the two puppies. This is the dominant one, which always manages to have first choice of delivered food. It is a male. We tag the left ear with a black tag and the righ ear with a yellow tag with inscription 20.
It is more difficult to catch the bigger pup. She does enter the trap, but she is not pulling on the bait, but only licks it (as I would do too with Dutch peanutbutter). I attach a rope to the lever so i can close the trapdoor by pulling the rope. This has more succes.
Both foxes marked. let us see how they do over winter.

Caught foxes 2009
numberleft earright earsizesexhindlegbodymassname caught
20bluegreenadultmale 3130 gSimon29/7/2009 19:56
24blackred 112juvenilemale8.9 cm1000 gThomas29/7/2009 20:08
25blackyellow 20juvenilefemale10.3 cm1382 gLise30/7/2009 12:30

Observed adult marked foxes in 2009
numberleft earright earsizesexnameorigin
7greenyellow 11adultfemaleRandimother of pups, born and marked 2006
20blue 212greenadultmaleSimon;puppy in 2008, son of Randi

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ozone measurements marking puppies second non-breeder catch

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