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Scientists explain about their science in season 2012

If you click on any picture a video starts a scientist starts explaining

Maarten Loonen about geolocation: [weblog]

Maarten Loonen about ecto parasites: [weblog]

Maarten Loonen about exclosures: [weblog]

Maarten Loonen about the bird cliff: [weblog]

Jaap van der Meer with aquarium observations: [weblog]

Nathalia Lebedeva about hitch hikers: [weblog]

Hugh Ellis about kittiwake metabolism: [weblog]

Nico van den Brink sampling pollution: [weblog]

Riita Nissinen about endophytes: [weblog]

Katja Broeg about amphipods: [weblog]

Paula Roberts about snow fences: [weblog]

Hielke and Suzanne checking tern nests: [weblog]

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polar bears and nesting barnacle geese projects 2012 base-jumping goslings