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Climate change

The national news has send reporter Marieke de Vries and cameraman Hans Struik to Spitsbergen to report on the effects of climate change on the North Pole. They stayed a week in Ny-Ålesund and left on a cruise to the pack ice. Their report is an impression about the relevance of arctic research at this moment.

21 July 2008 the eight-o'clock evening news

Expedition to the pole: Marieke de Vries on Spitsbergen
All the world has a focus on the North Pole. Scientists predict that this summer the ice will disappear completely as a consequence of global warming. For the national netherlands broadcasting company NOS a reason for a trip to Spitsbergen to gather the news.

Scientist about the melting North Pole
Dr. Mark Serreze predicts that this summer, all ice will have disappeared from the North Pole.

More insects in warming arctic
The North Pole is warming 1,5 degree faster than the rest of the world. Ice and snow melt faster and the sun warms the dark surface of ocean and earth. More insects are emerging on Spitsbergen.

22 July 2008  23 July 2008  24 July 2008

Polar bear population decreases
The polar bear is endangered. Population has declined 20% because the sea ice has been melting more. Now there are only 25.000 polar bears left.

Research on melting glaciers
Glaciers are melting, approx. 0.5 meter per year. All that extra melt water will result in a sea level rise. This is important for the low situated countries like The Netherlands.

Dutch research on Spitsbergen
The arctic ocean is a potential gold mine for oil and gas. Yesterday, an USA-report stated that 20% of all reserves of the worl are located in the Arctic. With the melting of the pole, these reserves become available. Many countries want to take part in the discussion on the future of the poles. Also The Netherlands.

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