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Ariadna Szczybelski 


Ariadna Szczybelski







Netherlands Arctic StationPh.D. student04 / 09 / 201430 / 10 / 2014
Netherlands Arctic StationPh.D. student24 / 06 / 201305 / 08 / 2013

ARCIND PhD project This project aims to develop a signalling system based on biological indicators for the prediction, assessment and reduction of impacts emerging from the increase of economic activities in the Arctic. Here, biological indicators are defined as a biological species which may be affected by human activities at different levels of biological integration, ranging from cellular to population level. We will focus on indicators of chemical stress in benthic coastal areas. In this project, bio-indicators will be selected such that the relationships between the effects of human activities and signals in the selected bio-indicator are specific, causal and direct. This enables to back-track effect signals in the bio-indicator to specific human impacts. For instance, local pollution by human activities may be monitored by using local invertebrates at lower trophic levels, avoiding interactions with food web dynamics which may obscure causal dose-response relationships. The specific objectives of the study are: (1) Inventories of chemical release profiles associated with anticipated economic activities. (2) Linking fate and exposure in benthic environments to these chemical release profiles. (3) Selection of benthic indicator species, including the development of criteria for selection, and validation of the selection using field data. (4) Development of benthic indicators, which together with other existing benthic and/or pelagic indicators are fit for use in a Code of Conduct for sustainable Arctic developments, governance processes or Decision Support Systems (DSS) that can be applied in policy and management of the Arctic region. The development of a Code of Conduct will take place in the parallel KB project “Development of a Code of Conduct for sustainable Arctic developments”. Learn more about my work and Svalbard stay at http://ariadna.vander-wulp.nl

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