The webpage about the inhabitants of Ny-Ålesund contains personal information which every inhabitant can change or edit. While editing your page, you can determine which information will be visible. We hope that you allow all information and even give extra information, to create a webpage where everyone can learn names and prepare for social life.

The webpage contains for every person a photo, family name, surname, email address and personal notes. Futher information is on the station where you are working and the period of your stay.

You can manage your profile, with the link bottom left of your personal page. You can make a new profile by pressing the [add person] button on the inhabitants page. By pressing a button, you will receive your password via email. The password can be used for login to edit your profile. When adding a photo, you will receive a filename. Please give the file the proper name and email it to m.j.j.e.loonen@rug.nl, preferably already resized. It should be just your face and 200 pixels width and 240 pixels height. The remarks are an interesting field to fill. You can use any words, even in your own language, which will become part of the search string in this program. The standard page is based on the period of your stay. If you want to see all entries or search for your entry, press [all in database] and even the search will be extended.

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