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Maarten Loonen - We are planning for the summer 2023: 1) a request for permission is sent to the Governor, 2) rifle training in Bremerhaven scheduled, 3) packing for AWI container transport to NA

posted 10-03-2023 at 14:10

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photo taken 17 Aug 2007

17 Aug 2007

The season studying the barnacle geese has ended. Maarten and Janwillem left on Friday 10 August. Bas and Yvan left on Thursday 16 August. A new crew came to the station. From left to right: Rob Broekman, Jelte Rozema, Bas Vervust en Lise Fivez. Lise will leave on 3 September and close the station for this year.
photo taken 29 July 2007

29 July 2007

Tomorrow, Sofie Sjörgensten and Jacob Siebelink are leaving. So another picture of the crew, with Yvan in his new Berghaus jacket. From left to right: Yvan Satgé, Bas van Schooten, Sofie Sjörgensten, Janwillem Loonen, Jacob Siebelink and Maarten Loonen

23 July 2007

Janwillem Loonen has arrived. For the second year my son will be field assistent. From left to right: Maarten Loonen, Yvan Satgé, Bas van Schooten, Olga Dolnik and Janwillem Loonen

16 July 2007

Olga Dolnik has arrived. She is an expert on coccidiosis, small parasites which occur in many bird species. Her field work in 2006 has already given two scientific papers to the project. From left to rigt on the photo: Yvan Satgé, Bas van Schooten, Olga Dolnik and Maarten Loonen
the team after the first goosecatch in 2007

12 July 2007

After the first goose catch of 2007, the team was photographed. From left to right: Annette Scheepstra, Sofie Sjörensten, Maarten Loonen, Bas van Schooten, Yvan Satgé and Ronald Visser. Sofie is part of our team but is housed elesewhere in the village. Annette and Ronald have returned from the hut Gasebu.
Paul and Jasper Doest during a boattrip through the fjord

10 July 2007

Jasper Doest visits us together with his father Paul Doest to make beautiful photo's from the geese and the foxes. They arrive on the same day as Ricardo Roura leaves and they can stay in the Netherlands Arctic Station. Three days photographing and a beautiful trip through the fjord.
Lise Fivez and the rest of the crew

2 July 2007

Lise Fivez, a Ph.D. student of the University of Antwerpen, is staying from 2 to 5 July, to set-up her experiment. Bas and Yvan are inspired by James Bond.
Annette and Ronald Steffen in front of the hut Gasebu

28 June 2007

Annette Scheepstra arrives from the Netherlands and Ronald Visser is switching from the German AWI base to the Netherlands Station. They are starting observations of geese in remote areas. The first two weeks, the Gasebu will be their base.
Steffen and Ricardo have arrived

21 June 2007

Already the next day, Steffen Hahn (by airplane) and Ricardo Roura (by boat) have arrived. The station is now filled to capacity with 5 people. On this picture Yvan Satgé is missing, because he was counting geese. From left to right: Ricardo Roura, Bas van Schooten, Maarten Loonen and Steffen Hahn.
official opening of the station

20 June 2007

After adding a new plaquette to the building and hoisting the Dutch flag, we have opened the station for the summer of 2007. From left to right: Maarten Loonen, Bas van Schooten and Yvan Satgé.
first use 2007: 31 May

31 May 2007

Jelte Rozema and his Ph.D. student Bert Buizer are the first users of the station in 2007. They hoped to place open-top-chambers on the tundravegetation. There was to much snow and they had to return without any work done.

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Maarten LoonenNetherlands18 June - 10 Augteamleaderarctic ecology
Bas van SchootenNetherlands18 June - 20 Augstudentimmunology
Yvan SatgéFrance18 June - 20 Augstudentecology
Ricardo RouraItalian21 June - 5 JulyPh.D. studentcultural heritage
Steffen HahnGerman21 June - 2 Julyresearcherornithology
Olga DolnikRussian16 July - 26 Julyresearcherparasitism
Ronald VisserNetherlands28 June - 19 Julyfield assistentstaying in Gasebu until 12 July
Annette ScheepstraNetherlands28 June - 19 Julyfield assistentstaying in Gasebu until 12 July
Sofie SjogerstenSweden9 July - 30 Julyresearcher ARCFACbotany
Janwillem LoonenNetherlands26 July - 10 Augfield assistent
Jelte RozemaNetherlands31 May - 31 May
16 Aug - 23 Aug
Bert BuizerNetherlands31 May - 3 Juneresearcherbotany
Rob BorekmanNetherlands16 Aug - 23 Augfield assistentRozema
Lise FivezBelgium2 July-9 July
16 Aug- 3 Sep
Univ. Antwerphoused at KB
nutrient cycling
Bart VervustBelgium16 Aug - 30 Augfield assistentFivez
Jasper DoestNetherlands9 July-12 Julywildlife photographer2 people

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