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Maarten Loonen - We are planning for the summer 2023: 1) a request for permission is sent to the Governor, 2) rifle training in Bremerhaven scheduled, 3) packing for AWI container transport to NA

posted 10-03-2023 at 14:10

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first use 2006: 1-5 June

1 June 2006

Jelte Rozema and his two students, Chantal Werleman and Hassan El Yaqine, are the first users of the station in 2006. They will replace their open-top-chambers on the tundravegetation. More about their field site can be found in the weblog of 2005 by clicking here.
crew 26 June til 3 July

3 July 2006

The first week of this season, we have been working with four people. From left to right: Maarten Loonen, Steffen Hahn, Erik Hemming en Cecilia Sandström. Today, Steffen and Erik are returning home.

We had great help from Kjell Tore Hansen and Geir Wing Gabrielsen. Thank you guys!
visitors 3 July til 6 July

6 July 2006

In the second week, we had three wildlife photographers visiting us. From left to right: Jasper Doest, Krijn Trimbos and Bart Breet.

On this picture, we were at Ny-London, a deserted industrial vilage at Blomstranden. There is a polmarine skua nesting, and the partner is easily photographed.
five people 17 July til 27 July

19 July 2006

Vincent Munster and Olga Dolnik are staying with us to sample birds for their own research projects. Vincent is a specialist in various types of virusses, Olga is a specialist in intestinal parasites, specifically protozoans.
On a beautiful day, we climbed to the top of the birdclif Osian Sarsfjellet. From left to right, Vincent Munster in the white t-shirt, Daan Vreugdenhil in the front, Cecilia Sandström, Maarten Loonen standing and Olga Dolnik to the right.
31 July til 3 August

2 August 2006

Marion van Rijssel brings Janwillem Loonen. My son will help as field assistent in the last three weeks. They bring the Dutch flag to the station. This picture shows all Dutch people on wooden shoes. Cecilia shows her Swedish background with a picture.
From left to right Cecilia Sandström, Daan Vreugdenhil, Marion van Rijssel, Janwillem Loonen and Maarten Loonen.
14-17 August

14 August 2006

The last people arriving. Jelte Rozema and Els Dijst arrive to monitor their experiment and to remove the open top chambers. From left to right: Jelte Rozema, Els Dijst, Maarten Loonen and Janwillem Loonen.

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Maarten LoonenNetherlands26 June - 17 Augteamleaderarctic ecology
Cecilia SandströmSwedish26 June - 14 Augstudentimmunology
Daan VreugdenhilNetherlands13 July - 10 Augfield assistentexperience
Erik HemmingSwedish26 June - 3 Julyfield assistent
Steffen HahnGerman26 June - 3 Julyresearcherornithology
Olga DolnikRussian17 July - 27 Julyresearcherparasitism
Vincent MunsterNetherlands17 July - 27 JulyPh.D.studentavian influenza
Janwillem LoonenNetherlands31 July - 17 Augfield assistent
Marion van RijsselNetherlands31 July - 3 Augvisitormicrobiology
Jelte RozemaNetherlands1 June - 5 June
14 Aug - 21 Aug
Chantal WerlemanNetherlands1 June - 5 Junestudentbotany
Hassan El YaqineNetherlands1 June - 5 Junestudentbotany
Els DijstNetherlands14 Aug - 21 Augfield assistent
Jasper DoestNetherlands3 July - 6 Julyphotographer
Krijn TrimbosNetherlands3 July - 6 Julyphotographer
Bart BreetNetherlands3 July - 6 Julyphotographer

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Jan Ivar Pettersen Haakon Jonsson Ruud Fieke Rader Thomas Gansmoe
Silje Wennesland Axel Meldahl Lea Christer Sørem
Elias Sundby Aukan Marin Havnås Sigmund Lønnve Jakob Weiset
Signe Maria Brunk Ellen Opheim Roar Blomstrand Tormod Eknes
Kristian Andre Nilsen Kathea Paalsdottir Aakerhus Ida Kristoffersen Stian Jacobsen
Anne Karine Røe Rubén Balaño González Erlend Havenstrøm Espen Ulvenes
Vegard Kollstrøm Sand Marine Ilg Fran Gordillo

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